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Kristin Carter

Permian Dance Program Director
Varsity Panther Paws Instructor

Kristin Carter has been teaching dance, choreographing and coaching dance teams for 15 years. Kristin graduated from Texas Tech University where she was a three year member of the Texas Tech Pom Squad, and a captain for the team her senior year. During this time she was a member of the NDA (National Dance Alliance) staff, teaching summer dance camps throughout the United States. She also assisted with a local high school dance team in the Lubbock area and through this experience, fell in love with teaching. Upon graduating college, Kristin moved to Odessa, TX where she became the director of the dance program at Permian High School and coached the Panther Paws Dance Team. She also began coaching at a competitive dance and cheer gym in Midland where she coached three dance team levels all ranging from ages 5 to 18 years of age. In 2006, after getting married, Kristin moved with her husband to several different states over a three year period however, continued to work with the competitive dance program in Midland, TX. Also, during this time she had the opportunity to work with three different dance programs in three different states, which only added to her knowledge and growth as a teacher/coach.

In 2009, Kristin and her family returned to Odessa, TX where, once again, she took on the role of the director of the dance program at Permian High School and coach of the Panther Paws Dance Team. She is currently in her 7th year back with the program and since returning, has implemented a Junior Varsity team which has helped the program to only increase in its success. Throughout her many years of teaching/coaching, her teams have received a World Champion title and numerous National Champion titles in the Overall Category as well as the many various dance style categories. She has also trained dancers that have gone on to graduate from college dance programs, have been a part of college dance teams, have been principle dancers in professional dance companies, dance professionally for Disney World, and have been able to train in Los Angeles, CA at the prestigious dance studios in the area.

It has always been a passion of Kristin’s to teach and share her love for dance with all ages. She is also very passionate about sharing God’s love with others and being a light in this world to kids through lifting them up and helping them to see the gifts that God has given us. Through the En Croix Dance Academy, Kristin hopes to train amazing dancers, providing them with instruction of proper technique, opportunities to learn the many style of dance so that they will be well-rounded dancers, to love the gift of dance and show it to the audience every time they perform, to learn the importance of team and working well with others and to understand the value of working hard each and every day to accomplish their dreams.

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