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Kayla Garza

Dance Instructor
JV Panther Paws Instructor

Kayla Kruse has been teaching dance, choreographing and coaching at dance studios and for high school dance teams for 10 years. Kayla was a part of her high school drill team for four years, where she held the title of President her Junior year and 1st Lieutenant her Senior year. Kayla graduated from Sam Houston State University with her Bachelor of Arts in Dance. During her time at Sam Houston, Kayla was casts to perform for several shows, including Senior Showcase, Graduate Thesis Concerts, and the Department’s semester Showcase. Throughout her four years in college, Kayla would travel back to Richmond, TX to help teach and coach the competitive dance teams at the studio she took from as a child. During this time, she also choreographed high scoring and ranking title solos, duets, trios, and ensembles for competitions. Upon graduating college, Kayla moved to Richmond, TX where she started working full time at a studio, teaching different styles and levels of dance to students ranging from ages 3 to 18 years of age. In addition, she also taught master classes to local high school drill teams to assist with their technique and field routines.

In 2012, she moved to Odessa, TX where she started and built a dance program at Wilson & Young Middle School. During the initial year Kayla solidified the program and it then grew by leaps and bounds. In 2013, Kayla was asked to work consecutively with Permian High School and Wilson & Young Middle School. At Permian High School she helped coach the Junior Varsity Panther Paws’ Dance team, and taught two Dance I classes. All the while she continued to work toward building the dance program at the Wilson & Young Middle School. The middle school dance students were able to perform at the Permian Dance Department’s Dance Explosion starting a new annual tradition. In 2015, Kayla was moved to Permian High School full time to teach dance classes all day and assist coaching both the Junior Varsity and Varsity Panther Paws’ Dance Team. Throughout her years of teaching/coaching, her teams have received numerous National Champion titles in the Overall Category as well as many other various dance style categories.

It has always been a passion and dream of Kayla’s to teach and share her love for dance with all ages. She is also very passionate about sharing God’s love with others and to continue to build a stronger relationship with Him. Through the En Croix Dance Academy, Kayla hopes to train amazing dancers. She will provide them with instructions on proper technique, teach them different styles of dance, and hopefully instill a love of dance in each student in the hopes it will become their passion as well. Her goal and vision is that each En Croix student becomes a well-rounded dancer, with a kind heart, a great work ethic and a great teammate.

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